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Post by Admin on Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:39 pm

We all know how much is hard to bet at some matches even if you have good source and know what will be at the end because of bookies limits!All bookies limit your accounts after some winnings ,especially after big winnings and than you can't bet so much money.

We offer: Betting high stakes at any matches or sports,Getting the best odds for all your bets,Placing your bets anytime, anywhere,No Geographical Restrictions

We have direct contact with people who have special accounts with high limits stakes, who have lot of betting accounts at many bookies in the world and who can bet big amounts of money at almost ANY MATCH OR SPORT.They are called "betting brokers".

You give them bet and they bet for you.If you want to bet at some match from 5000 euro up to 100 000 euro and more,they can organize accounts and bet for you. They are working very simple,if you win your match all profit is yours and if you lost your bet you need to pay 1.3*your bet.(For example, if you want to bet 50 000e at some match and you lost your bet, you need to pay 1.3*yourbet,that is 15 000 euro in this case.That is all conditions and it's very simple. They are very serious people and working in this way long time.

Few days before match you agree all details(how you will contact with them,when is the match,which league,how much you want to bet and all other details)You will have direct connection with betting broker and speak with him directly about everything.If you are serious and want to do serious business you are welcome.

For those who are interested contact at mail:


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